Increasing Demands of CPVC Pipes in UAE

Increasing Demands of CPVC Pipes in UAE

If you are confused between choosing PVC or CPVC pipes and CPVC fittings, here is a guide explaining the uses of CPVC pipes and the increasing demands of CPVC pipes, especially in the UAE.Why are they used?CPVC pipes are in high demand due to the following features that it offers:

● Can withstand temperature up to 200° F.

● Lightweight and hence makes it easier to transport.

● The presence of chlorine in CPVC pipes helps in preventing bacteria and increases the chemical strength of the pipe

● Also prevents the formation of biofilm inside the pipe.

● They are cost-effective too.

● Very energy efficient with low thermal conductivity and insulation cost.

● Best for carrying drinking water.

● Leakproof.

● Easy to install.

Where are they used?

  • Cold and hot water distribution in various places like residential buildings, industries, etc.
  • To carry drinking water.
  • Also used in wastewater treatment plans.
  • Used in transportation of chemicals and hot corrosive fluids.
  • Can be used in heating applications.

Increasing Demands of CPVC Pipes in UAE

The increase in CPVC pipes in UAE is directly proportional to the development and multiple construction projects. Using CPVC pipes is beneficial to both the builders and also the end-users.

It is not just the construction market that is driving the growth of CPVC pipes in UAE, but the oil industry that is a prominent supplier to the rest of the world is another main factor in the increase in demand for CPVC pipes.

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