Why CPVC Piping Is A Sustainable Choice

Why CPVC Piping Is A Sustainable Choice

Sustainability is a grave concern and a conscious choice for all small and large corporations across every industry. Nobody can make a purchase decision or operation decision without considering the environmental impact that product will bring forth. PVC pipes are an element that is used in all industrial, irrigation, infrastructural, and construction projects across the world. In that case, if we apply the 80-20 rule, making a sustainable choice for the PVC pipes and fittings would set us on the right path in sustainable practices. CPVC pipes, therefore, are a natural choice for the changing industrial and domestic landscape.

CPVC Pipes

PVC pipes in their untouched form are quite brittle and rigid. To improve their strength and other chemical properties, some plasticizers or chemical additives are added to the nascent PVC polymer. CPVC is such a form of modified PVC and has a higher chloride content and higher temperature resistance.

CPVC pipes are quite popular in Dubai as they are a sustainable option. They are made by chlorinating the base PVC resin. This resin is also extracted from seawater that is again an abundant resource. CPVC pipes have higher temperature resistance and strength and have become the mandate for all external and internal piping systems across construction, infrastructure, and other industrial applications.

What makes CPVC sustainable?

Lower Energy Footprint

The sustainability of a material is measured right from the time its manufacturing begins. The lifecycle of a CPVC pipe is very light on the environment, and the CPVC pipes and fittings have a considerably lower energy demand in comparison to the other materials. The pipe also has a two-third saltwater based resin and only one-third extracted from non-renewable resources.


CPVC pipes suppliers in UAE are seeing an extensive demand for CPVC pipes and fittings due to their improved physical and chemical properties. These properties also make them durable and long-lasting. CPVC pipes have a higher resistance to high temperature, corrosive environments, and bacterial growth. As CPVC pipes are smooth in texture, the microorganisms don’t stick to the surface and allow the piping network to function for a long time without any issues. Durability is an important component in sustainability as it reduces the load on production cycles and stops excessive consumption.

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