What is the PVC pipe used for?

What is the PVC pipe used for?

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is perhaps the most widely used plastic in the entire world. It is an artificial solid polymer that is created by a synthetic polymer reaction. This solid form then finds its application in a large number of areas.

PVC is also extremely versatile. Not only can it be used in its rigid (uPVC) form but can also be used in a flexible (PVC) form. It is translucent and comes in various shapes and sizes, depending upon the application for which it is required.

What is it used for exactly?


Now that you know the wonder that PVC is, let’s look at some of the major areas where PVC finds its application. 

  • Plumbing: When you hear the term “plumbing”, the first term that comes to your mind is pipes. Considering the widespread applications of PVC, it is no surprise that most of the pipes are made up of it. In fact, the plumbing industry stands on top when it comes to the use of PVC. One of the reasons for this is the flexibility of PVC pipes. They can easily be moulded into various shapes and sizes and used accordingly. 
  • Waste Management: PVC pipes are widely used to transfer wastewater and sewage from homes to waste treatment plants. This is possible due to the abrasion resistant nature of PVC, along with its flexibility and resistance to corrosion. This is also the reason why it is preferred over metal piping, which can get corroded easily.
  • Construction: PVC is increasingly being used in construction activities due to its lower cost as compared to its metal competitors. One of the major areas in construction where PVC is used is the ventilation and exhaust handling equipment. Besides this, it also finds application in the frames of doors and windows. 
  • Chemical Handling: Though it might seem fragile mechanically, PVC has some excellent chemical properties as compared to its metal counterparts. In fact, there are a lot of chemicals that PVC can handle but metals cannot. Hence, it finds widespread use in chemical plants.  Also, the presence of chlorine in PVC makes it resistant to degradation and less susceptible to catching fire or getting damaged by it. 
  • Insulation: PVC possesses excellent chemical and electrical resistance properties. Therefore, it is widely used as a material for insulation of cables and wires. Most of the cables that you will find are secured with the help of PVC. This coating shields the wires and cables from heat, human intervention, and other environmental factors. 
  • Healthcare: Now this is one surprising area of use. Afterall, how can a material used in construction also be used in healthcare? But that’s the beauty of PVC. It is widely used to handle and store blood, and in equipment such as IVs and syringes. 

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