Weld All Solvent Cement

Weld All Solvent Cement

We Supply Major Variants of Weld All Solvent Cements

Weld All Solvent Cements are one of the most prominent and widely-used solvent cements for PVC pipes and fittings. And as key distributors of the Weld All brand, we supply a major range of cements and adhesives throughout Dubai and the rest of UAE.If you are looking for a fast-setting, low-VOC solvent cement that is durable and suitable for any type of PVC application such as flexible PVC fittings, valves, or pipes, Weld All Solvent Cements has you covered.

From regular to heavy and extra heavy body, we bring you their finest range of solvent cements. Whenever you need.

What are the Applications of Solvent Cements?

Solvent Cements are mostly used to join two PVC materials but are incredibly versatile across several applications. They can be used for pressure applications like irrigation and potable water or for non pressure applications that include drainage, waste, sewer lines or vent.

Whether it is fire protection, drainage, or other pipe applications, Weld All Solvent Cements offer you complete flexibility for your system. Do check out our full list to see which one suits best according to your requirements.

What are the Benefits of Solvent Cements?

There are plenty of benefits of using solvent cements in your desired applications. They offer impeccable performance with their robust installation properties. Not only that, they are quite easy-to-use too, needing minimal supervision.

Another great benefit is that solvent cements offer low odor and fume emissions, making it safer for pipe installers.

Solvent cement brands also ensure every product is approved with necessary certifications such as CSA, NSF, UPC and even ISO. Solvent cements by Weld All in particular are also certified under NSF standards to be used in various pipe applications.

Why choose Weld All Solvent Cements for your PVC needs?

Made in the United States of America, Weld All is known for its superior quality, high-strength and fast-setting properties. Their solvent cements are structurally formulated for PVC pipes and come in different specifications from regular to heavy bodied. They also support an extensive variety of classes and schedule.

Weld All ensures their solvent cements also pass rigorous tests as per standards like ASTM Standard D-2564 for higher reliability. Thanks to that, Weld All Solvent Cements are perfect for systems like potable water pressure, industrial piping, and irrigation systems.

In terms of shelf life, the Weld All brand offers a healthy two-year shelf life for its cement solvents.

Need Solvent Cement Delivered in a Specific Quantity?

We’d be happy to help, just let us know your preference and we’ll help you out.

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