Should I Choose CPVC or PPR Piping?

Should I Choose CPVC or PPR Piping?

The material of the piping system plays a crucial role in the longevity and durability of the plumbing network. This is why before you install or update your plumbing system, you should be aware of the best choices. PPR and CPVC pipes are the most common materials used in plumbing applications. These two materials can be used in residential, commercial, and industrial plumbing systems. However, you should choose the accurate material to ensure a long service life for your plumbing network. If you are confused between PPR and CPVC, we have compared both of these materials on several parameters in this article. This comparison will allow you to understand the materials better and make the best choice.


CPVC pipes are considered stronger than PPR ones. They offer better tensile strength and are able to withstand more pressure than their PPR counterparts. CPVC pipes have better flexural strength and are more durable as well. Thus, they can support a higher flow rate and will be beneficial in a piping system. 


The installation process is a bit different for these two. However, installing CPVC fittings and pipes is considered simpler. The pipes and fittings can be connected via simple cement welding. PPR pipes, on the other hand, are connected via heat fusion. Thus, CPVC pipes will be easily installed, and you will save valuable time on the installation of the plumbing system. Also, the cement fusing connects the two parts and becomes a part of the system as well. This gives more durability to the pipes and makes the plumbing system more efficient. However, the PPR installation will take longer. Since CPVC pipes are easy to install, the installation process costs much less when compared to PPR installation. 

Bacteria Growth 

Even after going through several treatment processes, there are still some bacteria present in the water. With CPVC pipes, you can ensure this bacteria does not grow and affect the water quality. These pipes have a smooth surface free of plasticizers which stop the microbial growth keeping your water safe and fit for consumption. Several international studies have claimed that CPVC pipes have better microbial properties than any other material available in the market. 

Fire Resistance 

Unlike other materials, CPVC fittings and pipes do not support or promote combustion. Thus, your piping system will not become a fire hazard in case of emergencies. This material has the lowest combustion rating in the market and is considered a safe choice for buildings that house several people. PPR, on the other hand, has 3 times more combustion rating than CPVC. Thus, it will generate more heat and may increase the likelihood of fire damage. If you are looking for a safe material with fire resistance properties, CPVC will be a better alternative due to its natural fire-resistant nature. 

Chlorine Resistance 


Chlorine is primarily used as a disinfectant to clean water. It is used during and after water treatment. However, when chlorine is mixed with water, it can create a substance that is capable of damaging or breaking a pipe. Thus, your pipes must have chlorine resistance properties to last longer. CPVC pipes are chlorine resistant and will remain unaffected by the chlorine present in water. These pipes will not get damaged when exposed to chlorine and will give you a longer service life. However, PPR pipes do not have the same properties, and they will get affected by chlorine. Prolonged exposure will compromise their integrity and lead to breaks. 

Water Safety

CPVC pipes have been approved by governments to be installed in both residential and commercial properties. You should purchase your pipe from a trusted partner who has the relevant license and approval to get the correct products. With properties like chlorine resistance, fire resistance, and extreme durability, CPVC solutions are considered safe to transport water. However, PPR is also an approved material, but it does not offer similar benefits to customers. Thus, using CPVC fittings and pipes is often recommended by trusted partners. These pipes will prevent any health issues and will remain in perfect condition for a long time, allowing you to save maintenance and repairs cost. 

Final Words 

Both of these pipes come with their specific set of benefits. However, CPVC comes on top and is recommended for residential and commercial buildings. To ensure maximum benefits from this solution, you should get your pipes and fittings from a reliable source. Alaska Trading is among the most trusted partners that offer a range of CPVC pipes and fittings. Our products are perfect for both residential and commercial use. Also, we have assisted a number of clients with our plumbing systems. Visit our website to browse our collection of products, or you can also contact our team to ask any questions at +971 54 397 4576. 

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