PTFE Tape – What Is It and Where to use it

PTFE Tape – What Is It and Where to use it

PTFE tape, short for Polytetrafluoroethylene and commonly known as thread sealant tape, is water resistant. It also does not cause any friction against any solid material. PTFE tapes come in a plastic cover or casing, to protect and preserve the adhesive material at the time of storage.


Types of PTFE tape

    • Standard PTFE tape – generally used for potable and non-potable water systems, due to their corrosion and acid-resistant characteristics. A standard PTFE tape is ideal for high-pressure lines and can be used with most chemicals.
    • Premium and speciality PTFE tapes – what makes them different to the standard tapes are that they come in various colours, specific to the applications. The colours make it easy to identify and be sure of purchasing the correct one as per the required application. Moreover, speciality tape is thicker and has a higher density than the standard ones.
    • White premium high density – ideal for all industrial applications and where water, oil, food processing are involved.
    • Pink plumbers – it is a heavier duty tape than the white one and is generally used by plumbers and pipefitters.
    • Yellow gas line – perfect for gas lines, propane, butane lines, and natural gas.
    • Green oxygen – a grease-free tape, the green oxygen tape is ideal for oxygen lines applications.
    • Gray stainless steel – its nickel pigment colour makes it ideal to be used for all stainless-steel fittings. It stopsgalling and seizing and is ideal for the rough stainless-steel threads.

Properties of PTFE

Although PTFE tapes, in general, are water-resistant, making them ideal for a wide variety of plumbing applications. However, certain types of tapes also have characteristics that make them ideal for specific situations:

  • Chemically inactive – as they don’t react with chemicals, it makes them ideal for situations that involve gases, solvents, even acids.
  • High resistance to temperatures – their ability to handle high temperatures allows them to be used for high temperatures capacitors, coils, and wire harnesses.
  • Strong pressure resistance – making it ideal for powerful applications such as fuel injections.
  • Non-stick backing – allows for clean removal and application and not having to clean the adhesive from the pipe or fitting.
  • Mouldable – this characteristic allows for taping around the pipe, joints, valves, and other fittings.

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