PTFE Tapes

PTFE Tapes

The PTFE Tape Supplier You Can Trust
Since its inception in 2010, Alaska Trading LLC has been a household name in the industries. It gives immense pride to call ourselves as one of the most trusted suppliers of PTFE tapes in Dubai and other parts of UAE. We have partnered with a strong network of tape manufacturers from around the world and help you distribute a wide range of tapes. From self-adhesive to pressure-sensitive, we supply them all.

What is a PTFE Tape?

A PTFE tape, also known as a “thread seal tape” or “plumber’s tape”, is a common but inexpensive thin white tape mainly used for piping or ductwork jobs, and is commonly used in sealing pipe threads.

Technically known as polytetrafluoroethylene, these tapes are nothing but a long strip of synthetic polymer film, which come in a range of sizes and are sold pre-cut on rolls and spools. These tapes come in a protective casing to help preserve the adhesive on the tape. Being readily available PTFE tapes are quite versatile and perform similar to an adhesive tape.

Features of PTFE Tape

PTFE tapes come with numerous key properties that make them incredibly versatile tools. The most important one being the hydrophobic property which makes the tape water-repellant and therefore, a great utility for plumbing type jobs.

Another distinguishing factor that PTFE tapes have is that of being less frictious, making it ideal for tasks like lubricating joint threads in piping. Adding PTFE tape around a joint thread makes it easier for screwing and disconnecting parts later on.

Depending on the type, PTFE tape can have many other properties in order to suit certain environments or jobs.

  • Non-reactive : PTFE tapes contain an inert chemical substance and are thus non-reactive with other substances. It makes them perfect for environments where there is a presence of acids or gases.
  • Pressure resistant : With the ability to withstand immense pressure, PTFE tapes are ideal in high pressure line applications.
  • High-temperature resistant : PTFE tapes can withstand temperatures as high as 500°F, making them useful for coils, capacitors, and wiring.
  • Malleable : This quality makes PTFE tapes best for winding around pipe fittings like threads, joints and valves.
  • Usability : Thanks to being non-sticky, PTFE tapes make for great self-adhesives. They are easy to remove and apply later on.

Why Alaska Trading for PTFE Tape Supplies?

Based on the brand and specific need, we house a fine variety of high-quality PTFE tapes. From critical to non-critical, our range of PTFE tapes can be utilized for all sorts of applications be it regular purpose, packaging, and more.

Need tapes on a daily basis? Or have a custom order urgently? We operate around the clock and can offer the best range whenever you want.

Need PTFE Tapes Delivered Fast?

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