Is A PVC Pipe Recyclable?

Is A PVC Pipe Recyclable?

Used in a variety of piping applications like transportation, drinking water, fire-sprinkler system, and drainage solutions, PVC pipes offer a unique combination of safety, durability, and recyclability. Regardless of its usage, we all can agree that polyvinyl chloride or PVC is a beneficial product. It offers cost-effective solutions, and due to its recyclable properties, does not harm the environment.The expected lifespan of a PVC pipe is 100 years or more. These piping systems also show a much lower failure system when compared to other materials like copper, brass, and iron that are also available in the market. PVC piping solutions are also the most cost-effective option.

The overall expense of buying, installing, operating, and maintaining these pipes is significantly less than other materials. In addition to delivering quality, these pipes also reduce greenhouse and carbon-based emissions and have a less harmful impact on the environment. The BIG question here is whether it is possible to recycle PVC Pipes.

Can You Recycle PVC Pipes?

PVC is one of the most durable materials that contribute to lasting products and appliances. However, even the most durable products can stop serving the need they are supposed to, and when that happens, you will have to think of a means to discard them. One of the many options of discarding includes recycling.

The PVC material can be recycled, and there is more than one method to recycle your PVC material. You must know about all the recycling methods before choosing the one with minimum environmental impact.

● Recycling Method of PVC

Generally, you can recycle PVC using two primary methods, feedstock recycling, and mechanical recycling. Both of these methods are somewhat similar, but there is a minor difference that makes one better than the other.

1. Mechanical Recycling

In this method, the PVC pipes are ground into smaller forms (only the waste PVC material is used in this method). After the pipes are in smaller firms, they are then crushed to be melted into mouldable products. Once the PVC is molded, it is then remodeled into different plastic products or even new PVCs.

2. FeedStock Recycling

The feedstock recycling process is somewhat similar to mechanical recycling. The PVC waste is usually passed through multiple chemical processes. In this process, all the chemical components found in PVC are extracted. Calcium chloride and other components are some of the typical ones found in PVC waste. Once the PVC components are disintegrated, they are then used as raw materials for manufacturing other products, or these are also used as a component material for new PVCs.

Five Simple Ways To Reuse Old PVC Pipes

Apart from recycling, these PVCs can be reused in several ways such as;

● Recycling

This is one of the best options when discarding your used pipes. When the old pipes are recycled, the PVC can be used to create new plastic components or pipes. This lessens the environmental harm and allows the plastic to be reused.

● Donation

Organizations donate their discarded pipes to be used when building homes for homeless people or to be used in other charitable events.

● Greenhouse

PVC pipes along with nets or other materials can be used to build a greenhouse, and this can be done in less than fifty dollars.

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