FAQs On CPVC Pipes

FAQs On CPVC Pipes

CPVC pipes are most commonly used piping materials in residential and industrial plumbing systems. This material has outperformed all the other materials including metal, plastic, and copper. It has many qualities which range from superior strength and performance to extreme durability, and is therefore a preferred choice for many water projects. Homeowners and project managers have lots of questions about CPVC material, and today we will answer some of the most common questions people have about CPVC fittings and pipes.

How Does CPVC Compare To Other Materials?

CPVC material is chlorinated, and it is this quality that gives it the advantage in dealing with water treatment chemicals when compared to other materials. Since the pipealready has chlorine molecules, it can effectively block the chlorine from the water supply. Thus, the piping system will not be affected by the chloramine present in the water, and it will increase the lifespan of the pipes. Other materials also have a protective chlorine barrier, but they can be degraded due to prolonged chlorine exposure.

Are All CPVC Materials Same?

All CPVC Fittings have a unique chemical composition, and there are some differences between the generic CPVC materials and CPVC pipes that are manufactured by different manufacturers. Some pipes have additional beneficial properties like corrosion resistance, lead-free material, etc. The manufactured pipes can withstand high pressure and can offer better durability under several extreme conditions. Manufactured CPVC pipes are easy to install and can supply safe drinking water efficiently.

Can CPVC Fails Due To Getting Brittle?

When the CPVC pipes are installed by a trusted manufacturer, they will not fail due to brittleness. When the CPVC is installed into the residential plumbing system for a while, it can become more rigid, thus increasing its pressure-bearing capability. The increased rigidity can also reduce ductility, which can be known as brittleness. If the system is installed by incompetent manufacturers. It can result in failures over time.

What is The Expected Lifespan of CPVC Pipes In Residential Plumbing?

Some of the oldest CPVC systems installed in the late 1950s are still operating just fine. They are in good running condition and are used to transport high-pressurized water. This proves that CPVC Fittings are durable and can last for a period of time. The lifespan of a high-quality CPVC plumbing system can be up to 50 years. Thus, you will not have to worry about your plumbing system for nearly half a decade.

What Are The Most Common Failure Causes of CPVC?

Although the CPVC material is designed to last long and offer the highest level of durability, there is still a chance of failure. One of the most common causes of the CPVC system’s failure is improper installation. The failure of CPVC material is quite rare, but when it happens it is mostly due to a critical installation error. Thus, you should always ensure to buy the best pipes and get them installed by expert manufacturers

Can You Install CPVC Pipes Underground or in Slabs?

Yes, CPVC Fittings can be installed under the slab, encased in concrete, or even underground. The performance of the system remains unaffected even if they are installed underground. However, when you are installing the CPVC pipes underground, you should make sure the ground is not contaminated with chemicals. Also, when installing the fittings underground, you should enlist the help of experienced manufactures to ensure proper installation.

What Is The Major Difference Between CPVC And PVC?

PVC and CPVC pipes are not the same. Unlike CPVC, the PVC material cannot handle high temperatures and pressures. Thus, they are not as suitable for residential plumbing. PVC is not permitted by the code to be used in the domestic water supply. On the other hand, CPVC material is more durable and approved to be used in residential plumbing and domestic water distribution.

Final Words

CPVC material is one of the most preferred solutions for plumbing. However, the lifespan and durability of the pipes can be increased by getting them from a reputed manufacturer. Alaska Trading is among the best CPVC pipe suppliers in the UAE. They offer the best quality products at competitive prices. You can browse their collection on their website or get in touch with them at info@alaskatrd.com.

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