Factors That Make CPVC Pipes Ideal For Residential Plumbing

Factors That Make CPVC Pipes Ideal For Residential Plumbing

CPVC stands for chlorinated polyvinyl chloride, which is a robust and durable material mostly used in plumbing applications. CPVC Pipes has been a part of residential plumbing for more than 50 years. This material is developed to withstand extreme conditions without failing. Properties like extreme heat tolerance, chemical resistance, and durability make them an ideal material for residential plumbing.

CPVC plumbing installed years ago can still reliably deliver clean and safe water to families. In addition to being a reliable plumbing material, this material can also be used in several industries and sprinkler systems. From transporting potable water to draining out sewage, these pipes can perform all the plumbing requirements efficiently. A few factors that make CPVC Fittings an ideal material for residential plumbing.

Safe and Clean Water Quality

CPVC pipes ensure that the water system does not transfer dangerous and harmful products to the drinking water. These pipes are approved by the government authorities, as they don’t contain plasticizers and other agents that can affect the quality of drinking water. These pipes are chemical resistant, thus they will not react to chlorine disinfectants that are used to keep the water clean and safe.

Better Joint Strength

CPVC Fittings and pipes are fused with solvent cement, and this cement chemically combines the piping system to fittings at a molecular level. Other piping systems are joined with the help of glue, which can affect the durability of the piping system. These cemented joints become a part of the piping system and ensure that the plumbing system does not break or fails due to pressure.

Biofilm Resistance

The water distribution system can be a place for bacterial growth, but the CPVC pipes will ensure that the water is pure and safe for drinking. Several studies have confirmed that CPVC materials perform better than copper and other plastic materials. They have the ability to resist the formation of biofilms and ensure that bacteria do not build up and affect your drinking water.

Chlorine Resistance

Chlorine-based disinfectants include substances like chlorine dioxide, which can cause failure in your piping system. Several plumbing materials are affected by this chemical. However, CPVC fittings can resist chlorine. Thus, they will work efficiently and transport the chlorine-based water without being affected by it. This makes the CPVC material better than other plumbing materials available.

They Can Withstand High Pressure

CPVC material is highly durable, resilient, and robust. Thus these plumbing solutions are ideal for handling pressurized water. The water system in residential homes is transported at extreme pressure, and CPVC pipes can transport water without breaking or falling. This is among the main reasons why CPVC pipes are used in residential supply lines and main water supply lines as well.

Fire Resistant

One of the best things about CPVC fittings is that the material is fire resistant, thus there will be no fire hazard. CPVC material is self-extinguishing and does not support combustion. This will ensure that even when the pipes catch fire, they will burn, but upon removing the source of fire, the pipes will stop burning. This will reduce the chances of fire accidents at your home and industrial sites.

Less Maintenance

Maintenance is always a vital factor in choosing pipes, and since CPVC pipes do not rust or corrode that makes them easy to maintain. In addition to less maintenance, the cost of installing a CPVC plumbing system is also minimal. These pipes don’t require any cost-cutting procedures which make the installation faster and more efficient.

Wrapping Up

CPVC material is among the most durable, thus making it an ideal choice for your plumbing system. Getting your pipes and fittings from a trusted supplier is an integral part to ensure your plumbing system is durable. Alaska Trading is one of the best CPVC pipe suppliers in the UAE. They offer the highest quality pipes and fittings ideal for residential plumbing systems. You can browse their website to have a look at their products or text them on WhatsApp at +971 54 397 4576 for more information.

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