CPVC Pipes – The Ideal Hot Water Piping

CPVC Pipes – The Ideal Hot Water Piping

CPVC pipes are like PVC however the difference is in the extra chlorination process that makes it more durable and a higher maximum working temperature. CPVC pipes can be used for up to 200° F/93° C.The “C” in CPVC refers to chlorinated. At the time of manufacturing an additional chemical reaction occurs. Generally speaking, the chlorine percentage could go as high as 74%.The ability of the CPVC pipes to withstand high temperature makes it suitable for hot water lines and is used for residential, commercial and industrial applications too. CPVC is the best thermoplastic pipe for hot water supply, however, one should avoid it from freezing, else it leads to pipe splitting.
They are being increasingly adopted instead of copper pipes in almost all the applications. Since the interior of the CPVC pipe is smooth, it makes less noise when water flows through it as compared to copper plumbing systems.Moreover, CPVC pipes are highly versatile and fire resistant.

Benefits of Using CPVC Pipes

Low conduction – CPVC pipes are excellent insulators and hence are ideal for many hot water transmission systems. They also prevent loss of heat during flow and hence can be used to move hot water/fluids.Lasts longer – CPVC pipes have a smooth surface and a thick outer coating, which prevents them from getting damaged by harsh conditions. They can also be repaired easily without disrupting the workflow.Resistant corrosion – CPVC does not react with any chemical, thereby does not corrode so easily.Strong – strong and durable compared to most products, CPVC pipes can be used in environments with high pressure and temperature without failing. CPVC pipe’s strength does not depreciate with time and its strength can last for decades.
CPVC Pipes
Alaska Trading is the chief CPVC pipe supplier in the UAE and deals in a variety of CPVC products from well-known brands across the world. Moreover, all the products are tested as per international standards and are an ideal choice for residential plumbing applications. Due to its resistance to chlorine corrosion and heat distortion temperature well above normal potable water levels, it is ideal for use in hot water lines in homes in Dubai and across the globe.Still have questions or are looking to learn more about how Alaska Trading CPVC can benefit your plumbing system? Reach out to the experts by writing to them at pvc@alaskatrd.com or info@alaskatrd.com. Alternatively, you can also give them a call on +971 54 397 4576/+971 67 480 955.

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